Nightclub Policy

  • Upon entering MOONCLUB you are agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions within this policy.
  • In addition to the terms and conditions specified in the policy, customers are obliged to adhere to local laws and also act courteously and not display anti-social behaviour.
  • Entry to the premises is allowed for women from 18 years of age and for men from 21 years of age. Anyone who appears younger must present an ID with a photograph and date of birth to gain entry to the club.
  • Weapons and dangerous substances of any variety are strictly prohibited.
  • Pyrotechnics and fireworks are strictly prohibited.
  • We take a zero tolerance approach to drug use. Under no circumstances do we permit the use, carrying, or selling of any controlled substances within the venue.
  • Only food and drinks purchased in the premises can be consumed.
  • Any person breaching these rules will be asked to leave the venue.
  • Animals are strictly prohibited.
  • All coats, umbrellas and baggage (backpacks / large bags etc) must be checked into the cloakroom.
  • The cloakroom should not be used for storing valuables. Management will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to the contents of checked coats or bags.
  • In the event of a lost cloakroom ticket, guests may need to wait until closing time to recover their property if it can be identified.
  • The management will take no responsibility for the loss of any personal property not checked into the cloakroom. Visitors are responsible for their own property.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone that is inappropriately dressed (including dirty, torn, maloderous clothing).
  • Visitors who are intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, aggressive or in any other inappropriate state may also be refused admission.
  • Sport clothes, overalls or untidy clothing (e.g camouflage, tracksuits, jogging pants etc..) are not allowed in the venue.
  • Management reserves the right to make random searches of handbags upon entering the premises. Management reserves the right to refuse entry if visitor does not cooperate.
  • Anyone who is agressive or abusive to other customers or staff will be ejected from the premises. The management reserves the right to temporarily or permantly ban any persons who repeatedly misbehave.
  • Guests are obliged to follow all instructions from management or he/she may be asked to leave the premises.
  • In the case of evacuation, guests are required to follow the instructions of Security or Management.
  • Entrance to a place not intended for guests is strictly prohibited. (Bar area, storeroom, office etc).
  • The Management reserves the right to expel guests for any inappropriate behaviour or breach of the terms and conditions, without refund of entrance fee.
  • CCTV is used inside the venue to ensure the safety of our customers and staff at all times.
  • Upon entry guests agree that any photographs taken within the venue may appear on our website.
  • The Management reserves the right to charge for damage to the premises or equipment (glasses, ashtrays, decorations etc). In the case of willful destruction or vandalism the guest will be obliged to pay for the full cost of damage incurred.
  • List of allergens upon request.
  • Terms and conditions can be found on our website


Dlouhá 26, s.r.o., Dlouhá 709/26 , 110 00 Praha 1, IČ: 06576214

Important telephone numbers:

Fire brigade 150

Police 158

Medical service 155

Distress call 112